Watch Super(wo)man sleeping

(German version below…) As a mommy to a young child, I have to admit that mommy’s heart is totally in love, watching the little one sleeping. I really enjoy this and I actually do take time to cherish it. Seeing Minime sleeping. There is nothing more peaceful when we watch our little ones while they…


With the word MurmelMeister, magic unfolded itself in my life… let’s say hi to MurmelFreunde around the world.

Angels || Inner Guidance

Interesting. When observing a situation, our mind instinctively wants to capture and understand what’s going on, silently asking what it means to us. We don’t need to be aware of it, but we can be certain we already got an imprint. Our intellect will evaluate it for us. Automatically we will know if it is…


With my eyes and your story?!
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Taking Your Own Natural Space 3/3

|| previous chapter || go to -> 1/3 || previous chapter || go to -> 2/3 When it comes to taking your space, it is down on you. It is believe. Empowerment. Action. Having an idea. Following up. Naturally. It is your urge. Something you simply gotta go for. Destiny. Have faith. It is your…

Antique And With Spirit?

I’m an old soul. I do love anything that has a history too. I like to pay attention. I enjoy investigating and listening. Things and people with character are more interesting to me than anything else. To give an easy example, if I visit other people’s place and look around, sometimes I immediately know names…

Blank Pages || Leere Seiten

Photos are silent witnesses. Words are the loud ones. Filled books. Right here, right now. My pages are blank, waiting to be filled with life again.

Magical Start

Here we go, I’m on my way and I feel how my energy is filling up the room and is asking for space to unfold it’s magic.