Die Sehnsucht ruft, um der Magie wieder den Einzug in mein Leben zu ermöglichen. Im Alltag hat man oft das Gefühl, dass man ihn vergebens sucht, den magischen Moment, und dennoch ist es das schönste Geschenk, wenn man ihm begegnet. Das glückliche Auflachen des Herzens. Die Augen strahlen. Die Weltenseele dehnt sich aus und schafft…

Choose Your Colors

I know, often I talk about following my path and going my way, step by step. Maybe this is a self-understanding to some. Maybe we sometimes need to remind ourselves. And I know this might be irritating to those, who feel lost. I am lost too, at times. I question my path, wonder if I’m…

Bislang. Selbst(mit)bestimmung. Erste Schritte in die Politik.

Ich will nicht mehr nur reagieren! Ich will und kann mehr als das! Ich will nicht lästern über andere, die sich nur beklagen, wie schlecht das Leben zu ihnen ist und sich nur in Schuldzuweisungen üben. Auf die Anderen zeigen. Das kann nicht der richtige Weg sein! Ich will bei mir anfangen. Im Kleinen. Erst einmal mich selbst retten.

Being A Tree

I love big strong trees. The old ones, that have a long history. I enjoy wondering about the past centuries they have witnessed. I’m impressed by the good they have done just by existing. My favorite trees are old weeping willows and pine trees. I love the strength and pride they show. Sometimes it even…

Small pieces of happiness

Life is colorful and I have my own personal celebration today. And you gotta join me on this! *3 month of work and MurmelMeister climbed up to the first page and third position on google search. Yes! *Searching for MurmelMeister photos on google, I was very proud seeing my photos soaking in everywhere. Yes! *The…

I feel guilty | Leaving Neverland

Questionable. What kind of life did Michael Jackson have, trapped in the human cloak of a superstar? Who influenced him? What was reality and what was illusion? And didn’t the environment created him and gave him this space in the first place? (English & Deutsche Version included)

A life in balance

Sometimes we hear the old generation saying that nowadays everyone is fragile and not resilient. – And indeed our bodies turned out to be mortal! For generations we pushed it further and further. Past generations had something to fight for. They fought for better life standards, equal rights, against war and so much more. Aims…

Sunny Side Up

“Sunny, thank you for the truth you’ve let me see.

Sunny, thank you for the facts from A to Z.”