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Free to be me

Traveling through time and space
I’m turning strong…

Windows to our Souls

Our eyes, windows to our souls. Fascinating. Wonderful. Rich. We sure can read in our eyes. We can see anger, fear, sadness, curiosity, confidence, happiness and so much more. It is the fast lane for a connection with another person. We even tend to judge another person simply by this first glance. Sometimes we catch…

Ransom || Lösegeld

Quietly the whispered words get through: “You belong into the light!” Your heart knows and so does your soul…

Dreams and wishes may come true…

So when was the last time you wished for something? Longing for it with all your heart and soul. Remember how it feels like?! So simple. Fulfilling. And real. Remember: life is wonderful!

Message received

“You want… You want, you always want more, but you are never giving!” – Seen on the streets of Hamburg, Germany. Interesting, it made me think.


Shout out to all of you!
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