|| Sovely Matters

She is like the sun! People will always orbit her and be touched by her light.” 

– about Sovely Matters

I am the lady from just around the corner. A true life lover. I do mingle with my surrounding. I melt and sink right through you to find a place in your heart and soul. I would love to make you smile, as so do I. I often have a big smile on my face. I am a happy bastard. I am shining from within. I enter the room and you will notice. I have piercing blue eyes that will put you on fire. I can be like a little child to, cherishing life, dreaming and going for what ever it is I got my mind. I believe in magic. I’ll leave you with moon dust and glitter, my magic poison. After setting fire, I sure will step back to become one with different shades of grey of the room again. I love to play. I am creative. I can be seductive. I am devoted. I am passionate. Heart and soul, my strongest weapon. Soulfood. I am a traveler. A warrior of light. I am a believer. Pure. Natural. Leader. Strong and powerful like a lion. Fragile and gentle like a lap cat. I love music. I am a Beastie Girl. Beach Girl. B’Girl. Naughty by Nature. Full of energy. Vibes. And again. I am nobody. I’m just someone. I love life. I enjoy living it to the fullest. Enjoying life and being able to live for real and being pure is wonderful.

I am a women, born in Nineteenseventysix. Mother to a child. Single, but not lonely at all. I love my life and live it just like I want to. I’m not afraid of decisions. I make mistakes. I am still learning. I love to grow. I need challenges in my life. Sometimes I’m surviving and moving on… I am an old soul, traveling on this earth to share positive energy. Love. I am married to myself, to be more concrete: I’m married to my heart. I call myself a “Herzmensch”. I am an excellent cook and I love to spoil. I enjoy quality time with my beloved ones and I easily can be on my own too and won’t get bored.

Whatever it is – I gotta be convinced and put my heart to it. I always wear flowers in my hair. I started doing so on a grey and rainy day. I had to cheer people -and myself- up. It worked, so I sticked with it. I sometimes wear a petticoat. I love everything that has a character, a heart, a soul and a story to tell. I am an open book myself. I am a HomeGirl, WildCat and RocketGirl. You may call me Poetry Girl and MurmelMeister.

“I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed, I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between…”

(by Meredith Brooks “Bitch”)

A Freak and Real Rock’N’Rolla. Sometimes crazy. Brave. I am a sister, too. I am myself. Lucky. …and happy!

|| Written and sent with a smile.

Yours truely, Sovely Matters