Place Of Power || Kraftort

A Sunday walk through our powerful nature. Wonderful, inspiring and alive.

Ein Sonntagsspaziergang durch unsere kraftvolle Natur. Wundervoll, inspirierend und lebendig.


    1. Lokesh Sastya

      What is your belief about the woods? I have read in the school that german geographers describe nature as a man or a living being.

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    2. Sovely Matters

      Thank you for asking. Trees are standing for powerful places and immorality. It’s known to be used for rituals in the past too. The woods is seen as a home to fairies and elfs. There are a lot of myth about these magic places. Unfortunately these days the old stories are getting rare and people only use the woods to only go for a walk and do some sort of wellness, but mostly they do not worth-ship it anymore.

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    1. Sovely Matters

      Wir kennen das hier, die Hamburger kommen speziell im Sommer gerne her. So ist das Leben in den Randbezirken. Ich bin ebenso gerne in Hamburg, wenn ich das urbane Flair vermisse.


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