Imagine Germany

I’ve never learned to be a proud German girl, but I was raised here, conquered the world in order to become a proud German Lady.

Blog Parade: What It Feels Like To Find That One Love

dashuri | սեր | ljubav | Amor | 爱 | ljubav | láska | kærlighed | liefde | armastus | love | Liebe | rakkaus | (l’) Amour | სიყვარული | αγάπη | प्यार | szerelem | ást | cinta kasih | amore | 愛 | ស្នេហា | 사랑 | mīlestība| љубов | kjærlighet | | عشق | miłość | Amor | dragoste | любить | љубав | milovať | ljubezen | Amor | kärlek | รัก | aşk |
любов | tình yêu

Human || Menschlich

Human: Sometimes it works, sometimes I fail.

Menschlich: Manchmal funktioniert es, manchmal scheitere ich.

Pure ||Haiku

Bloom like the queen of flowers In self-confidence Proud Lady Bug takes it’s journey || Pure

Heart Navigation

My heart is burning. It is giving me light and helps me finding my way. I’m a “Herzmensch”, meaning I am strongly influenced by my heart. It took me a while to accept this fact. Back in the days I often felt torn. I realized that my brain and heart were fighting. It was difficult…

Reaching Aims || Ziele Erreichen

|| die deutsche Version folgt im Anschluss How Do You Eat An Elephant? I totally enjoy exchanging thoughts as a sort of result of my blogs. It supports and carries me, more over it offers new ideas to chew on. It helps growing, which I appreciate a lot. Today I heard the expression “How Do…

Wish List “New World”

…until today I had to learn that we may not take our freedom, wealth and choice for granted. I understood we need to do something more for it, in order to secure a peaceful life on this planet.


Sill Lifes || Stillleben I love still lifes. Snapshot. Capturing the brief moment of transience. Stopping time. Now. Here. Still lifes. Magic enchanting my eyes and captivates me. I’m letting myself fall. Trap by time. I am a traveler looking for my happiness. Just now I found it – sssssssh. There it is. Still lifes….