One More Light

|| English & deutschsprachige Version Today I came across Linkin Park’s song „One More Light“ again. The chorus is even more touching having in mind that this soul killed himself in a weak moment. A weak and unforeseeable moment based on depression. I do care. I am a strong character. I caught myself in this…


… just use a little patience

“Good Vibrations”

Wonderful vibes while driving the car along the coast of Cali. I never will forget this feeling. That was the point I understood. I had to experience this feeling to really feel the songs of The Beach Boys!

Ahoi Hamburg! ||Elbjazz Festival

“Es bleibt Hamburg, diese großartige Synthese einer Stadt aus Atlantic und Alster, aus Buddenbrooks und Bebel, aus Leben und Lebenlassen. Ich liebe diese Stadt mit ihren kaum verhüllten Anglizismen in Form und Gebärden, mit ihrem zeremoniellen Traditionsstolz, ihrem kaufmännischen Pragmatismus und ihrer zugleich liebenswerten Provinzialität.” || Helmut Schmidt

||Play On

“If music be the food of love, play on.”William Shakespeare  “Wenn Musik die Liebe nährt, dann erklinge.” Wondering what it is, that makes us feel strong and at peace for the moment…  To me, it is music that strengthens my heart and soul. It is creativity and the need to learn and grow, that keeps…