Alive = Lust For Life

|| English & deutschsprachige Version Alive = Lust For Life A beautiful week end has passed. Falling stars fell down like rain. My wishes were modest. I did not see the falling stars due to clouds, but the awareness of the existence itself made me smile. I had many desires such as writing, reading, blogging…

Puzzle of Life

Puzzle of Life “My little world is limited. Small. Tiny. If you join me – we’ll grow. Become stronger. Bigger.” || MurmelMeister

Back to the future

We learn by living our life. Good and bad things happen to us. Challenges appear. Sometimes we loose. Sometimes we win. It is our daily choice…

I’m no machine || I cherish life

“…we have to realize it’s our body, that needs to be in good shape to get us wherever we want to go.”
(Deutsche Version ist angehängt)

(A)Life in Balance

Sometimes we hear the old generation saying that nowadays everyone is fragile and not resilient. – And indeed our bodies turned out to be mortal! For generations we pushed it further and further. Past generations had something to fight for. They fought for better life standards, equal rights, against war and so much more. Aims…