Do you remember the movie?

…about “Burnout” as part of a “Blogparade”.

BLOG PARADE: Ode To Creativity || Ode An Die Kreativität

|| English & deutschsprachige Version || After finishing this post, I was thinking it would be the perfect “Blog Parade”. Therefor I’d like to give a shout out to all of you. Let’s start a new blog parade and have us all getting involved. Informations on this at the end. || Nach der Fertigstellung dieses…

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We can find a story in anything if we pay attention. You are welcome to join me! || Überall können wir eine Geschichte finden, sofern wir aufmerksam sind. Sei eingeladen hier dabei zu sein!

Answer 1 || Inspiration

In regards to the sunshine blogger award nomination || question 1/11 (German version enclosed)