Censored?! || Zensiert?!

|| English & deutschsprachige Version

Back in February, I was thinking about topics we don’t wanna expose on our blogs for various reasons. And in addition, some conversations we possibly are not be willing to get ourselves involved in. I had a closer look at MurmelMeister, searching for conscious or unconscious reservations. I was wondering how other bloggers feel about it and raised that topic: BACKBONE & ENTRAILS || RÜCKRAD & INNEREIEN

A few days ago, wonderful Rox of Purble Notes contacted me to share her thoughts. I’m glad picking it up and sharing Rox’s thoughts with you as well. Please find the original post here-> and for those who aren’t into German language, please find my translation in the following:

|| Censorship is activated and off you go || I had this idea about this post by Sovely – thanks again for raising this topic. It already was a few weeks ago and it was keeping my mind busy since. It took some time for me to get my thoughts straight.

How do bloggers come across the topics of their posts? That’s a reasonable question that I’d like to answer for myself. When I come up with ideas, I’m actually most creative while being in motion – as soon as I put on my running shoes, activate good music and just go with myself and my thoughts, I forge my content plan. The second pillar is “classic life itself”. Life happens to us, all day in and day out. Nice, neutral and shitty situations that keep us moving. Writing is my valve to process.

And here I would like to hook up – from the thought of a possible contribution to the finished blog post result – how do I get there?

At the beginning I create a structure (my red thread) to make the reading flow as simple as possible so that the reader does not break off confused and end the post with more question marks than in advance.

Then something happens that I would compare to a plug-in. Invisible, barely noticeable, quietly and secretly it is activated, the censorship.

Yes, it is correct, I write about my thoughts and process my experiences, but the language that I use and the views that I share are authentic and also correspond to the truth. But I also believe that we all have opinions on more critical issues that we have learned to be on the safe side if we shut our mouths and it would be too tricky to share our opinion.

Thoughts arise like: “Just don’t comment on it, that could be seen outside as contradictory or you will even be hostile for it.” And yes, I would agree: To have an opinion that does not correspond to that of the broad masses and defending it – come what may – is a tough endeavor. I never thought about it before, but I think my personal censorship was also running in the background and topics that may be seen as contradictory in society were blocked.

We have learned in many situations not to touch those in public, in the office or with friends, the risk of offending or even arguing is far too high. My conclusion is that we have banished these topics to the farthest corners of our brain and prefer to access easily digestible topics where I won’t be pushed back.

Maybe also, when being in my personal environment and when sharing our personal thoughts, we prefer to decide on topics that are currently keeping us busy. I never actively decided against a topic, as there were always topics that had emerged from my everyday life.

We should all be free to express our personal opinion and especially in times of the pandemic, in which there is apparently only “black” or “white”, it becomes more and more important to stand up for what we believe in. Judging people too quickly and stop listening is the wrong way to go. Let’s learn to disable our built-in censorship.

Lots of love, your Rox

The word censorship might sound a bit harsh at first. Still, if you give it a thought, you might agree we instinctively tend to judge, based on our feelings, experiences and on what we think is right or wrong. Interesting. Actually this is a subject, I meant to turn myself to for weeks…

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

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