We all have dreams
Dreams to shine bright
And to send us light
When ever we’re lost
We have more than one dream
We have a lot
As children we learned
Wishful thinking
Dreaming, hoping and praying
We are reaching out for our dreams
We want them to come true
When we look at the sky
Waiting for our falling stars
It does not prepare us for real life
What if our wishing-list is filled but not as important anymore?
What about disappointments?
Back in the days, as our bucket list was written
Our dreams were full colored beautiful
They were sparkling and full of wonders
You realize, fulfilling dreams
Leaves you longing for more
And empty at some point
As there is nothing left to ask for
We see a spark of light
Remembering that feeling in the darkest night
Of wanting something real bad
It’s still burning within us
A burning desire, that passion and lust
To make life bright
We are fulfilling our dreams
By focusing on the positive side
While we’re searching for that lasting light

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com


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