Worte & Magie

Worte sind lebendig und entwickeln sich weiter. Worte sind menschlich. Worte können so vieles und noch viel mehr…


|| URBAN || The culture of towns and cities, an attitude towards life.

|| URBAN || Die Stadtkultur, als Lebenseinstellung.

Keeping the fire burning

Passion – keeping the fire burning! A beautiful word. Passion. Full of energy. Being passionate. I love this feeling. If you are a 100% in, it’s with all your heart and soul. It’s either being in or out. I’m a very emotional and heart driven person and yes, I sure can be very passionate about…

Bedeutungsschwanger || The Pregnancy of Words

Heavy with Meaning Back in school many years ago, I would never have dreamed that someday I would have this knowledge. It makes me smile, because that’s the way it is: age and growing up can bring a wealth of experience, giving you special access to yourself and your world. Do you also happen to…

WordArt ||für die Toilette

“Hätte ich gewusst, dass ich diesen Blogbeitrag schreibe, hätte ich ein Foto von einem überfüllten Mülleimer oder einem dreckigen Klo machen müssen.”

Puzzle of Life

Puzzle of Life “My little world is limited. Small. Tiny. If you join me – we’ll grow. Become stronger. Bigger.” || MurmelMeister