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Sometimes I am inclined to say: “I’m nobody”. The long road behind me, the even longer road ahead and I am in the middle. Somewhere. Anywhere. Feeling the urge of being in the moment. Enjoying what ever it is to the fullest.

Looking at myself with all those questions and answers -causing even more questions- I am tempted to say I am nobody. I often wonder if one life particular really matters. Do I matter? Maybe I am just someone, one out of 7.8 billions.

Most of us are familiar with questioning what we leave behind, once we die. Being dead and that’s it? Forgotten? Is there anything lasting. Anything to memorize who we are? Can we really conserve who we are?

Some people invented something. Some people have roads or other stuff named after them. Some people built or created something. Some people simply stand out. Some are remembered through monuments. …it seems like we are driven to leave an imprint.

Are we only someone, if we manage to leave something behind? Is that the only way to give our life a meaning? And what is our purpose?

Personal questions. The secret of life. And is it true that the answer on all of this is individual or is there the one and only magic formula and answer?



Manchmal neige ich dazu zu sagen, dass ich niemand bin. Der lange Weg hinter mir, der noch längere Weg vor mir und ich bin in der Mitte. Irgendwo im Nirgendwo. Spüre den Drang, im Moment zu sein. Genieße, was auch immer es ist, in vollen Zügen.

Wenn ich mich mit all diesen Fragen und Antworten betrachte – was noch mehr Fragen verursacht -, bin ich versucht zu sagen, dass ich niemand bin. Ich frage mich oft, ob ein Leben wirklich wichtig ist. Zähle ich? Vielleicht bin ich nur jemand, einer von 7,8 Milliarden.

Die meisten von uns sind damit vertraut zu hinterfragen, was wir zurücklassen, wenn wir sterben. Tot sein und das war’s? Vergessen? Gibt es etwas Bleibendes? Etwas, das daran erinnert, dass es uns einmal gab? Können wir wirklich irgendwie etwas von uns bewahren, was es auch nach uns noch gibt?

Einige Leute haben etwas erfunden. Einige Leute haben Straßen oder andere Sachen, die nach ihnen benannt sind. Einige Leute haben etwas gebaut oder geschaffen. Manche Leute fallen einfach auf. An einige erinnern Denkmäler. …es scheint, als wären wir getrieben, einen Fußabdruck zu hinterlassen.

Sind wir nur jemand, wenn wir es schaffen, etwas zurückzulassen? Ist das der einzige Weg, unserem Leben einen Sinn zu geben? Und was ist unser Ziel?

Persönliche Fragen. Das Geheimnis des Lebens. Und ist es wahr, dass die Antwort auf all dies individuell ist oder gibt es eine einzige Zauberformel und Antwort?



    1. Sovely Matters

      Thank you so much for your comment, dear Kate. I appreciate it a lot. I came accross your blog for the first time today and I need to take more time to read. I like what I read so far and got curious. My pleasure meeting you as well. All the best, Sovely

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  1. jonicaggiano

    For me I believe that I will be in heaven with God, so I do the best I can while I am here to be kind to others and be grateful for what I have and by writing we are leaving a bit of ourselves in the world. I too, have a child so she is very much like me and I hope she will live on through her little ones. It is the universal question for us all. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day my friend. Love Joni

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  2. T.

    I think it is very individual and we should do things, we are satisfied and happy with, once it comes to the question.
    Buildings vanish and I have seen a lot of street names and monuments changing in the past. So even such „hard“ things are not lasting forever and they are dependent on another individual decision from some one in the future, who is valuing that or even not.

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    1. Sovely Matters

      Sorry, irgendwie habe ich es verbummelt zu antworten, obwohl es mir am Herzen liegt…

      It’s well written, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Nothing really seem to be for good, you’re right about that. Saying so, it brings me back to the point of cherishing the moment and living it to the fullest.


  3. Michael A. Kuch

    Such a beautiful and thought provoking illumination of our very being and purpose, Sovely.

    How I see it:

    Do I matter? Yes, you matter to God and to many, even those without the ability to tell you …

    Being dead and that’s it? Forgotten? Is there anything lasting: Eternity.

    Anything to memorize who we are? In the dim light of Humanity, nothing compares to Divinity. Our accomplishments however magnificent are all accomplished through the Grace of God (my belief)

    Can we really conserve who we are? Yes, but these are merely mortal and insignificant.

    Are we only someone, if we manage to leave something behind? No. This is comparative evaluation with others on a historical scale. Is Albert Einstein or DaVinci or Socrates more worthy than anyone else in the history of humankind?

    Is that the only way to give our life a meaning? No.

    And what is our purpose? I found the path to mine in a book.

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    1. Michael A. Kuch

      Dear Sovely, it simply comes down to my relationship with God and the Purpose to My Life as it relates to family, friends and my connection to humanity in general. Living not solely for myself is what I try to do everyday. Being mindful of life around me and how my actions and inactions affect others both positively and negatively. My intent is to do better and be better as a human. To not be destructive. To help, support and engage in goodness. In being good. By living a life less dependent upon materialism. To be satisfied with truth and value the importance of love and emotions. To never take for granted what I’ve been blessed with. So much more, of course.

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    2. Sovely Matters

      Michael, I just realized I did not reply to this one. I am running late…

      Thanks for your wonderful words. That is a very special and conscious way to live life, sounds great, dear Michael. Great meeting you here! All the best, Sovely

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