Good-Hearted || Herzensgut

|| English & deutschsprachige Version Good-Hearted The internet is anonymous. It can be a very dark place. It can be a fake. It can be what ever you want it to be… it also can be a very small place. When people go online for the first time, we tend to give them advises as…


|| Be a lovable freak so people know who you are.
|| Sei ein liebenswerter Freak, damit die Leute wissen, wer du bist.

Human || Menschlich

Human: Sometimes it works, sometimes I fail.

Menschlich: Manchmal funktioniert es, manchmal scheitere ich.

Windows to our Souls

Our eyes, windows to our souls. Fascinating. Wonderful. Rich. We sure can read in our eyes. We can see anger, fear, sadness, curiosity, confidence, happiness and so much more. It is the fast lane for a connection with another person. We even tend to judge another person simply by this first glance. Sometimes we catch…

Message received

“You want… You want, you always want more, but you are never giving!” – Seen on the streets of Hamburg, Germany. Interesting, it made me think.