Keeping the fire burning

Passion – keeping the fire burning!

A beautiful word. Passion. Full of energy. Being passionate. I love this feeling. If you are a 100% in, it’s with all your heart and soul. It’s either being in or out. I’m a very emotional and heart driven person and yes, I sure can be very passionate about things.
To me passion is something wonderful, it definitely accumulates the wonders within. If you meet people that are passionate about what they do, you easily might get convinced by them. They might make you follow, as they are burning for their project. This can be a gift, weapon and weakness at the same time.

Passion can mean some sort of danger too. The German word for passion is “Leidenschaft” – meaning something that creates suffer. Something that special and wonderful is supposed to create suffer?! Yes, as being passionate makes you totally focus on something. Maybe you are narrow-minded at that time, maybe you are giving yourself in too much and it takes too much of your energy. There are various examples on passion.

Passion is a very powerful energy, that shouldn’t be underestimated. It is okay to burn for something. We should enjoy this fire. It’s good to share it and to help people warming up, who aren’t on the same level. Still we all should be aware that a fire can get out of control and therefor it is our duty to be tentative.

I cherish passion as a part of natural lifestyle and part of every day life. It’s something, I can’t do without. I strongly identify myself with it, it’s who I am. ….keeping the fire burning!

Words your view on passion? I’d be curious to hear your words, especially if you are from a different country or culture. Please leave some of your passion with me and write a little comment.


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