Watch Super(wo)man sleeping

(German version below…)

As a mommy to a young child, I have to admit that mommy’s heart is totally in love, watching the little one sleeping. I really enjoy this and I actually do take time to cherish it. Seeing Minime sleeping. There is nothing more peaceful when we watch our little ones while they are off to their dreamworld. Space for magic to take place. Where anything can happen. You just gotta believe and go for it!

Realizing all this, regularly brings tears of joy to my eyes. It is the little things that counts, isn’t it? So when was the last time you watched someone sleeping peacefully. When did you last dream of being your superhero like Superman or Superwoman?

“Schlaf Superman schlaf!”

Als Mama eines kleinen Kindes gebe ich zu, dass Mamas Herz total verliebt ist, wenn sie dem Kleinen beim Schlafen zusieht. Ich genieße das wirklich, und ich nehme mir tatsächlich die Zeit dafür und weiß es zu schätzen. Minime schlafen zu sehen. Es gibt nichts Friedlicheres, wenn wir unsere Kleinen beobachten, während sie in ihre Traumwelt abdriften. Raum für Magie. Wo alles passieren kann. Einfach dran glauben und los geht’s!

All dies zu erkennen, treibt mir regelmäßig Freudentränen in die Augen. Es sind die kleinen Dinge, die zählen, nicht wahr? Wann war also das letzte Mal, dass du jemanden friedlich schlafen sahst. Wann hast du zuletzt davon geträumt, dein Superheld wie Superman oder Superwoman zu sein?


  1. IanC555

    I am not a parent, but I have had a mother and father; I was once one such as you were and have now children of your own.

    What a blessing it is to be loved by a mother, and as a child to be loved in preparation for life’s continuance.


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    1. Sovely Matters

      Thank you Saba, for your sweet words. I feel very honored by this positive feedback. It is this tiny view on ordinary life. I cherish it. It’s great to experience life with all senses and being open for it. The joy of life. We choose to pay attention and to actually live. Thanks for joining.

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    2. sabaniazsiddique

      Thank you, for reminding us of the forgotten lesson. We are got accustomed to mourning about little things, even everything, we don’t realize that the peace of mind is the biggest blessing, there are a lot of people who can’t even have a proper meal for a time and we are wasting plates full of fresh food. We need to live the little moments of utmost blessings that we are shunning in ignorance.
      Stay bless💕💕

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