Some Universe Full Of… || Ein Universum Voll Mit…

|| English & deutschsprachige Version Some universe full of… In Germany, December 25th means the 1st Christmas Day (Holy Night, 1st & 2nd Christmas Day). As we do live in a surrounding where most people only believe in themselves (if they do) and/or in material wealth, in most cases these days rarely are spent with…

Answer 5 || Love Story

My fave book will make you believe in soulmates. || Mein Lieblingsbuch wird dir den Glauben an Seelenverwandte schenken.

Answer 2 || Fundamental

In regards to the sunshine blogger award nomination || question 2/11 (German version enclosed)


Sill Lifes || Stillleben I love still lifes. Snapshot. Capturing the brief moment of transience. Stopping time. Now. Here. Still lifes. Magic enchanting my eyes and captivates me. I’m letting myself fall. Trap by time. I am a traveler looking for my happiness. Just now I found it – sssssssh. There it is. Still lifes….