First day at work after vacation – and keeping that smile!

First day at work after vacation – and keeping that smile! || Deutsche Version, siehe unten The end of vacation is the beginning of something new. I am happy to return to work and to all those succers, as I know I can… All good things come to an end. It is the way of…

Blog Parade: What It Feels Like To Find That One Love

dashuri | սեր | ljubav | Amor | 爱 | ljubav | láska | kærlighed | liefde | armastus | love | Liebe | rakkaus | (l’) Amour | სიყვარული | αγάπη | प्यार | szerelem | ást | cinta kasih | amore | 愛 | ស្នេហា | 사랑 | mīlestība| љубов | kjærlighet | | عشق | miłość | Amor | dragoste | любить | љубав | milovať | ljubezen | Amor | kärlek | รัก | aşk |
любов | tình yêu

Happy Sunday Cookies

Home made summer cookies with a lot of love. Happy Sunday everyone! || Hausgemachte Sommerkekse mit viel Liebe. Frohen Sonntag!

Pure ||Haiku

Bloom like the queen of flowers In self-confidence Proud Lady Bug takes it’s journey || Pure


Sill Lifes || Stillleben I love still lifes. Snapshot. Capturing the brief moment of transience. Stopping time. Now. Here. Still lifes. Magic enchanting my eyes and captivates me. I’m letting myself fall. Trap by time. I am a traveler looking for my happiness. Just now I found it – sssssssh. There it is. Still lifes….

The Beautiful Taste of Life

Enjoying the beautiful taste of life, as only who is able to enjoy, really is alive. || Den verführerischen Geschmack des Lebens genießen, denn nur wer geniesst, der lebt.

Keeping the fire burning

Passion – keeping the fire burning! A beautiful word. Passion. Full of energy. Being passionate. I love this feeling. If you are a 100% in, it’s with all your heart and soul. It’s either being in or out. I’m a very emotional and heart driven person and yes, I sure can be very passionate about…

I see you || Ich sehe dich

“I see you.” How do you feel if you hear someone saying “I see you.”? What crosses your mind hearing those three words? I actually feel blessed hearing it. To me it sounds like a lovesong. Happy about life as I may use all my senses. It’s nothing we should take for granted. Especially if…