Blog Parade: What It Feels Like To Find That One Love

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Happy Sunday Cookies

Home made summer cookies with a lot of love. Happy Sunday everyone! || Hausgemachte Sommerkekse mit viel Liebe. Frohen Sonntag!

Heart Navigation

My heart is burning. It is giving me light and helps me finding my way. I’m a “Herzmensch”, meaning I am strongly influenced by my heart. It took me a while to accept this fact. Back in the days I often felt torn. I realized that my brain and heart were fighting. It was difficult…

Happy 4th of July

I’m missing my friends and family back home. You’re in my heart. Happy 4th of July! “Some people come into our life and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leaving foot prints in our hearts. And we are never the same!”

The Beautiful Taste of Life

Enjoying the beautiful taste of life, as only who is able to enjoy, really is alive. || Den verführerischen Geschmack des Lebens genießen, denn nur wer geniesst, der lebt.

Keeping the fire burning

Passion – keeping the fire burning! A beautiful word. Passion. Full of energy. Being passionate. I love this feeling. If you are a 100% in, it’s with all your heart and soul. It’s either being in or out. I’m a very emotional and heart driven person and yes, I sure can be very passionate about…

Watch Super(wo)man sleeping

(German version below…) As a mommy to a young child, I have to admit that mommy’s heart is totally in love, watching the little one sleeping. I really enjoy this and I actually do take time to cherish it. Seeing Minime sleeping. There is nothing more peaceful when we watch our little ones while they…