Taking Your Own Natural Space 3/3

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When it comes to taking your space, it is down on you.

It is believe. Empowerment. Action. Having an idea. Following up. Naturally. It is your urge. Something you simply gotta go for. Destiny. Have faith. It is your spot. It is you. Growing. Filling out space. Be strong. Be powerful. Be yourself. Just be. Be. Your energy exists, independently.

I strongly believe in this energy, just as much as I believe in a heart and soul. It is not homemade by any human being. (Intelligence and understanding is something we can influence, at least to a certain extent.) To my understanding, energy, your heart and soul, has been there before we are born. And it still will be there once we died.

Energy continuously exists. It has the ability to transform.

I’m open to this idea, that souls, heart and any kind of energy passes various life, time and places. I call these special people “traveler”, aiming for their goal. I believe in rebirth. I do not neglect religion, faith or various other spirits. I’m totally open and feel like there is more to what a regular human being can understand. Furthermore I assume we all are speaking various universal languages. Things have different meanings to us, sometimes it’s beyond our understanding too. There’s nothing to force and none to blame for. Again, it’s all about circumstances, timing and place. At some point it will reveal itself. There even might be time-travelers. Maybe one day time-traveling is part of our options too. Anything has it’s own space and impact, it’s place and time to unfold it’s magic.

Most people start questioning their life at some point, looking for goals and following up on it. Some are still stuck in a material world. Some are looking for happiness, understanding or idealistic aims. Some rich people understood they do have to make a contribution to this life. It is the idea of making this life worth it and not having the feeling of wasting it.

Any life is precious, worth it and rich to it’s own extend. Life holds a lot of lessons, opportunities and challenges. It is up to us how we are using this energy. If we cherish it. If we try to make the most of it, looking for challenges and comprehension. Anything has it’s own meaning, it’s own language and reason. Human beings are gifted to learn and to grow. In a blink of an eye we outgrew our cages to fly to the moon and way beyond. Nowadays almost anything seems to be possible. While at the same time, obstacles are growing too. “So we just need to get there!” And we should use a certain mind set while being on our path and doing the attempt of getting there (being tentative, thankful, appreciating, enjoying and so on – there are uncountable ways and none is wrong as we shouldn’t be judging). We know it is not about judging. It is not even about reaching our goals, but it is about how we get there and what we make out of it! It is about taking our own natural space!

Getting where? Aiming for what? And then – what?! Smart questions and even lots more to arise. If we are lucky, we might experience questions like that in our life. We might find answers. We might get closer. We might define new goals. I believe we all aim for our personal dreams, goals, development. We need to grow. We do have the ability to fulfill our natural space and be mindful while doing so.

Just recently I’ve been at a point in my life where my world was shaky. I kept asking myself what I could contribute to this world. What is my gift? What is my natural space and how can I proceed and be happy while fulfilling? Who am I and what is deep down inside myself? What is typical for me? What do I strongly feel and believe in? What is my path and really makes me happy? …it was a crucial turning point. A tough time that took me busy for more than a year. I was caught in some kind of matrix and could hardly feel myself or move. It was a hard one, not on my mental health only, but on my body as well. I was sick. I was suffering. I had to quit my old life. I somehow got reborn in order to learn from it and become stronger. Nowadays I feel like a phoenix. I learned another lesson.
I reached a deeper understanding as far as my spirit is concerned.

Becoming at peace with myself is a rich benefit that I got from it. I feel like embracing tough times and having it welcome to my life. I’m keeping my eyes open, I am curious and am trying to be sensitive in my busy every day life. I cherish life and am thankful, I really am. Combining all that with my challenging daily routine – and this matrix we are living in – still is asking for a lot. You have to be strong. Confident. Mature. Brave. Open. And all that is worth it. I realized I’m on my way. I appreciate, I’m not walking on my path totally alone, but I am accompanied by well known souls. Soul companions.

Spiritual exchange can be very explosive. So much energy combined. And when we move on, all we are taking with us is some sort of imprint on our road map, plus the lessons that we learned ourselves.

It is not only about recognizing a teachers and paying attention, it is about a deeper understanding. Your own lessons experienced and learned, are the ones that will stick with you. It’s your scars and wrinkles you should wear with pride. Cherish them. Even more you should cherish your teachers, other soul companions, travelers and so on. Be open to anything. In the end we all are “one”. We all are part of this wonderful and incredible source, the universal energy.


    1. Sovely Matters

      Thank you, it is my pleasure that my words found and have reached you. I’m excited as you wrote the first comment on my blog. It somehow is food to heart and soul to receive feedback. 🙂


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