Taking Your Own Natural Space 1/3

Have you ever thought about the space you need as a person? Do you feel the energy inside yourself, how it brews and comes to a boil just to find it’s way out of yourself? Self expression and passion speaking out for itself. You got an idea of a very strong “I” and feel the urge to channel your creative output?!

Most times these things happen naturally, you don’t really think about it. It somehow just has to happen. And it happens. You can see it in so many ways like creative arts, writing, photography and so on. It is part of you. It is your life. Apparently all that is connected with spiritual strength. It goes together with growth, passion, devotion, emotions and so much more. It’s more than just words becoming alive. It is the essence of your soul. Love. Pure. It is a part of you that needs to be shared. You’re walking on your path. You are convinced and confident, spreading out pure energy. No hesitations. If this sounds familiar, excellent, go for it… follow your guidance, your inner voice. It sure will lead you. And you know.

You accept the challenges, the obstacles and opposites that come your way. You don’t neglect it, you embrace it. You use it as some kind of motivation and power to keep yourself going…

You have learned so much and yet you know little. The more you know, the more questions will arise. You’re curious, open and ready to develop. Ready to grow even bigger. Stronger. Back to the energy – do you feel it?! An elementary part of you. It is you! It empowers you to be a warrior for your own sake. Have faith in your path… you have all your weapons and your directory within yourself. It is as strong – sometimes it even might be too much for you to bare. Once you find your way to balance it out, you will enjoy the big ups, downs and loopings in life.

I do put my heart and soul into writing. It always has been like that. Back in teenage-days I started with English poetry. I enjoyed myself juggling around with words. Are you feeling the “pregnancy” and weight of words too, the possibilities of using key words and making it special?! Because you want it to be special. It is yours.

To me, it somehow felt easier writing in English, as it is not my mother language. It gives me freedom. A freedom that helps if it comes to creative output. Free yourself!

I kept writing for year and years: letters, poems, stories, articles for magazines, I literary filled books. And I still love it. It’s more than a hobby, it is my elixir, like the air that I need to breath. Kicking in at this point is my confessing that I think with my heart first and not with my head. I got myself married to my heart a little while ago. I got tired of my heart and intellect being in a fight. I literally got sick of it fighting.

I call myself a “Herzmensch”. Full of emotions, driven… sometimes crazy but always myself.

I am a warrior of love. Love is my contribution to this world. I really questioned myself. It was a long way to finally realize and accept it. I’m currently still learning to deal with it, what does it mean in daily life…

My heart always found ways to speak out and to express itself. What ever I did in the past, what ever I put my mind to, what ever I reached or failed, it was because of love or a lack of love.

I feel completed, since I am saying it loud. It is fulfilling. I am a warrior of love. It is my destiny… caught up in words this energy of mine becomes more concrete and understandable.

Have you ever thought about what you can contribute to this world? What is your gift? What do you need to share? Don’t you feel that the mentality of “only taking, taking, taking and not asking where it’s coming from but actually demanding things and taking it for granted” is very tiring and exhausting. It is not natural and probably not the way this world works. It is a sold out mentality. The world doesn’t owe you anything, although a lot of people act like it. Some take advantage. Some are smarter. If you have plenty of something, it is easy to share it with others. If you look into yourself, and you recognize yourself, you know your answers. You’ll appreciate any simple moment and make it yours, cherishing life and feeling rich. Your energy will make it’s way, it will come to a boil and need even more space…

Stand strong. Be proud. Be yourself. Be.

And take the space you need, your space!

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