Taking Your Own Natural Space 2/3

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Taking your own natural space. Living your life.

I do live my life. I follow my dreams and aim for my goals. I’m taking the challenges life is offering me, the ups and downs in life. It feels like a bumpy road I’m walking on, but it is mine – it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. I question life. I want to learn. I’m curious. I feel the urge to grow. It always has been part of me. I rather choose the bumpy road instead of relaxing on a mellow sandy beach. It is natural I’m taking my own space. It is who I am. I am living. I am. Alive.

Sometimes my road leads me to places where I feel like being an alien. I have difficulties to adapt. If I compare myself to others I have to accept I’m not like them. I am different. I’m somehow known all over town. In Germany we use the expression “Bunter Hund” meaning being a colorful dog. I am colorful. I do have so much creative energy brewing inside myself that always is looking for it’s way out. One of my teachers called it a barnstorming big river. It exists. It keeps me going. It is the big energetic field that surrounds me. Have you ever tried to become more tentative for this energy?

Here is a simple test you can do with another person to become aware of energy fields:


Now one of you concentrate on yourself. The energy within yourself. The energy to surround you, your aura. You feel it. It is who you are. You are. Take another deep breath and stay like that. Accept it. Take your space. Be whole. Be sensitive to whatever might happen…

Meanwhile the second person keeps the eyes shut as well. Concentrating on walking. Carefully walking straight forward to get closer to the person right across you. Walk slowly. Be tentative. Feel. Have trust in your ability. If you feel like you have reached the point where the energy field of your partner starts, you stop. …You my walk slowly, you may take a step forward or take a step backward. Feel it.

Now open your eyes. Feel it and see it. This is a beautiful example to become aware of energetic fields that surrounds us.

If we first do this, we might easily get too close to other people and already entered their energy zone. If it is friendly and positive energy, we might feel attracted to it and are torn towards it. Then it can be like a magnetism. You feel the friendly energy. You feel comfortable and at home. You are attracted to it. Your energy mingles and it becomes one. Lucky you. Enjoy!

If you have 2-3 steps between yourself and your partner, speak about how the both of you experienced this test. It’s good to learn about this. It’s important for your self-understanding and to be aware of your own energy flow. Find out about your own natural space, that you need.

I’ve recently learned how important it is to understand about this energy field and the energy flowing within yourself. It needs to have it’s space. It exists. At some occasions in life you might be reminded something is not going right. Actually something might be going totally wrong. I’ve been there. I felt like a stranger in my own body. Then I heard about energy. I understood the power. I started to become aware of it and am trying to accept it. Your energy needs space, it needs to be in the flow. If it doesn’t, you sure will feel the imbalance. In my case – it made me sick.

I found out, that I literally got sick once I did not accept that I need to grow. I can not put my life on a pause and pretend everything is going well. It seems like I need this bumpy road. It is part of me. My energy needs a lot of space to unfold. It constantly is trying to find it’s way out. It’s who I am.

Learning this puts you at peace with yourself. Accept who you are. It’s okay to feel like an alien at times. Sometimes you are. If you are questioning life, you will understand and learn. It’s about energy growing. Everything will happen at the right place and the right time. The energy is flowing. It’s taking it’s place no matter what and no matter when. Try to be thoughtful. And remember: anything is possible.

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