Soft Whisper

Softly the wind carries your words „I will always be here“ …

Answer 5 || Love Story

My fave book will make you believe in soulmates. || Mein Lieblingsbuch wird dir den Glauben an Seelenverwandte schenken.

Answer 3 || Diversity

In regards to the sunshine blogger award nomination || question 3/11 (German version enclosed)


…es gibt Besonderheiten im Leben, auf die man nicht vorbereitet ist. Loslassen nimmt dann eine völlig neue Dimension ein.

Love Truly

Love needs it’s space and freedom to grow…

Lessons in life || Minime

Since I have a Minime by my side and am watching him growing, I do question, who is teaching whom… It turned out, Minime is the perfect teacher for me. And I try to give him as many tools, to live a satisfying and good life. And yes, the both of us are learning. Meeting…