Lessons in life || Minime

Since I have a Minime by my side and am watching him growing, I do question, who is teaching whom… It turned out, Minime is the perfect teacher for me. And I try to give him as many tools, to live a satisfying and good life. And yes, the both of us are learning. Meeting…

Taking your own natural space 3/3

||Sequel 3/3 When it comes to taking your space, it is down on you. It is believe. Empowerment. Action. Having an idea. Following up. Naturally. It is your urge. Something you simply gotta go for. Destiny. Have faith. It is your spot. It is you. Growing. Filling out space. Be strong. Be powerful. Be yourself….

Antique and with spirit?

I’m an old soul. I do love anything that has a history too. I like to pay attention. I enjoy investigating and listening. Things and people with character are more interesting to me than anything else. To give an easy example, if I visit other people’s place and look around, sometimes I immediately know names…

|| Quote

Words that travel through centuries:
“Music is a moral law. ” (Plato)
It is more than just timeless. Let’s go on a short trip through time and place…