Lessons in life || Minime

Since I have a Minime by my side and am watching him growing, I do question, who is teaching whom… It turned out, Minime is the perfect teacher for me. And I try to give him as many tools, to live a satisfying and good life. And yes, the both of us are learning.

Meeting Minime was like meeting a well known soul again. From the very beginning there is this deep connection and understanding. He often surprises me with deep thoughts. An old soul. It sometimes even feels he is referring to a past life. I can’t say anything but being grateful Minime came into my life.

Children are so much in the present moment. Life as a child can be so simple. It’s the “here and now” that counts. Just this very moment. Right here.

They say what ever it is they have on their mind and do have a general trust in this world. I love the curiosity and the way they look at everything. In Germany we do use this expression “Looking at everything with children’s eyes.” I do enjoy especially that lesson and often remind myself in it. Live the moment. Enjoy the moment. Be open and welcome it. Experience it with all senses and allow any emotion!

One of the first things I tought my son is the meaning of the phrase:

“Only who enjoys, is living for real!”

“Nur wer genießt, der lebt.”

Enjoy life. And it’s okay to be pure and yourself. Be crazy, if you feel like it.

…When ever I leave my place on a sunny morning I do yell “Good morning sunshine!” and I do enjoy it!


  1. KT

    “Children are so much in the present moment.” They don’t think. They just do. And it is that simple. Love this! Say hi to mini me for me.


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