Antique And With Spirit?

I’m an old soul. I do love anything that has a history too. I like to pay attention. I enjoy investigating and listening. Things and people with character are more interesting to me than anything else.

To give an easy example, if I visit other people’s place and look around, sometimes I immediately know names for all the furniture I see. I don’t want to talk to furniture, saying “Hi Billy! How are you doing today?” and pretending he is an old friend of mine. He is not. It is just not me.

I don’t need fancy modern stuff. Antique furniture often is timeless and of good quality. I appreciate that. Even more, I like to surround myself with wonderful stuff. Wonderful meaning keeping a wonder within. I enjoy being part of the magic. I like to come across old furniture, that had previous lifes and has been at other places before. It’s interesting to imagine who else has used it before I did so. What is the story!?

I love my old typewriter for example. One day all of them might be gone. Children of today mostly only know computers and stuff. As I first worked in an office, I used an old typewriter, not as old as the one in the picture though. Still, writing with an old typewriter is so much different than using a modern machine. It ads a special spirit to the written letters.

My old Adler typewriter is older than I am. I sometimes wonder who owned it before. Who might have used it and what kind of stories have been written? It holds it’s magic within and nowadays, I am part of the magic too. I feel connected with an old soul.

It’s about appreciating life. Old stuff has been perfect back in the days and to some people, it still is. These people understood. They don’t ignore the presence. They accepted that everything has it’s own time. Still some things are timeless and should be cherished no matter what…

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