Soul || Seele

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An old soul

Japanese Koi fishes traditionally are standing for strength, persistence, ambition, wealth, luck, success…

They are deeply connected with Japanese every day life, Japanese history and culture.

A special fish that swam all across the ocean to become very successful outside of Japan as well.

My son, being at the age of 4 years, recently draw a fish (totally on his own). Wherever that fish came from, it was a long long way and surely speaks for itself.

Eine alte Seele

Japanische Koi-Fische stehen traditionell für Stärke, Ausdauer, Ehrgeiz, Reichtum, Glück, Erfolg …

Ein ganz besonderer Fisch, der über den großen weiten Ozean geschwommen ist, um seinen Siegeszug anzutreten.

Mein Sohn, im Alter von 4 Jahren, malte kürzlich ganz alleine einen Fisch. Woher auch immer dieser Fisch kam, es war ein langer Weg, und es spricht mit Sicherheit für sich.


  1. MichelleMarie

    Wow, Sovley I think you have a budding artist there. I started drawing when I was 6. I remember thinking I wanted to be an artist and I am. So how wonderful to see you fostering this beautiful gift! I love kid art! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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