On Repeat || Wiederholungen

|| English & deutschsprachige Version

On Repeat

Why there’s nothing wrong with repeating some lessons, doing stuff repeatedly, being caught in a loop once in a while?

…to make sure you learned your lesson
to put more weight to it
to seize it the right way
to really feel it and be in the moment
so you won’t forget
you’ll reach a deeper understanding
you’ll see things even more clear
to choose a different perspective
to investigate some more
to make sure you can move on
to reach the next level

When you enjoy reading books of one specific author and you read more than two or three books of that one author, you might realize that some phrases, lessons or descriptions do repeat it-selves. Some people feel pissed about it, thinking the author lacks of new ideas or other ways to express thoughts or emotions.

I don’t mind repetition, as I see the positive effects of it. Of course sometimes I am bored as well, I tend to be impatient too – at the same time I think it sometimes has to be the right moment for a lesson, it needs to be in the right context. Even the choice of words is important to. It might have not reached me first time, maybe second or third time it will – maybe other words caught my attention. Maybe it just needs the right language to be understood. That is why I don’t mind rollbacks.


Warum sind Wiederholungen nicht schlimm, das Wiederholen von einigen Lektionen, Dinge noch einmal machen, in einer Wiederholungsschleife sein?

…um sicherzustellen, dass man die Lektion gelernt hat
um mehr Gewicht darauf zu legen
um es richtig zu begreifen
es wirklich zu fühlen und im Moment zu sein
dass man es so nicht vergißt
man erreicht ein tieferes Verständnis
dass man die Dinge noch klarer sieht
dass man dieses mal eine andere Perspektive wählt
dass man noch genauer hinschauen möchte
um sicherzustellen, dass man sich fortbewegen kann
um das nächste Level zu erreichen

Wenn Du gerne Bücher eines bestimmten Autors liest und mehr als zwei oder drei Bücher dieses einen Autors gelesen hast, stellst Du möglicherweise fest, dass sich einige Sätze, Lektionen oder Beschreibungen wiederholen.
Einige Leute verstimmt dieses, und sie denken, dem Autor fehlen neue Ideen oder andere Möglichkeiten, um Gedanken oder Gefühle auszudrücken.

Ich habe nichts gegen Wiederholungen, da ich die positiven Auswirkungen sehe. Natürlich langweile ich mich manchmal auch, auch neige ich dazu, ungeduldig zu sein – gleichzeitig denke ich, dass es manchmal der richtige Moment für eine Lektion sein muss, es muss im richtigen Kontext sein. Auch die Wortwahl ist wichtig. Es hat mich vielleicht nicht beim ersten Mal erreicht, vielleicht beim zweiten oder dritten Mal – vielleicht haben andere Worte meine Aufmerksamkeit erregt. Vielleicht braucht es nur die richtige Sprache, um verstanden zu werden. Deshalb machen mir Wiederholungen nichts aus.

Old Souls (by The Grouch & Eligh)
I know this place been here before
Deja vu energy source
Vortexes, Texaco’s too
Revisitin’ and yet so new
You ain’t gotta explain to me
I use my ears to see and the rain to breathe
Amphibious ambidextrous I am the wittiest can’t impress me with
Take a look at my mind what force i’ll scorch you
Scalding, I’m balding
That don’t mean I’m finished just I almost know all things
Draw strings keep the cat in the bag
Told you at the lake release that’s how
Now if life keeps askin you the same questions
You ain’t learnin’ the lessons

I threw a lasso round the sun when I was born
I was ejected from the womb
The soul it weights a ton
I’m torn away from god in such a way I cried
On earth again my curse to bend my karma
Back to shape but just to work the pen
Within’ my limbs I had my final date
My destiny the curtin call it crate
The worst of all, the great
Burden of perfection on my slate
It states this man will make his case
And find his ace of spades or be disgraced
Or face the governing body of space
With nothing to show for but some bad habit and some base
So I worked the field like a jack rabbit to fix my karma
Intensify my aura to reflect off the seven seas
Of former as it passed, I said it in my younger days
Without knowing my fetish to help man in a ton of ways
Escape from earth the soul has been here many times
Pisces my lifeline I’ve made mistakes of many kinds
And I’ll make more before I buy the farm
Cause mother’s earth energy will pull me by the arm
She shows me with the oceans
And her promises of pleasure
The soul is the treasure
Now if life keeps askin you the same questions
You ain’t learnin’ the lessons
If life keeps askin you the same questions
You ain’t learnin’ the lessons

*I gotta admit, I really love this song. So if you get a chance, please check it out! || Ich liebe diesen Song, bitte unbedingt einfach mal rein hören!


  1. jonicaggiano

    Well said my friend. I have found with poetry especially I find myself reading poetry over and over again. We might find a deeper meaning in a phrase we didn’t catch before. You are so right. Love 💕 Joni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sovely Matters

      Very simple and true, well said again. Thank you so much for your words. I always feel a kinda flattered receiving your comments, as I once read you stating that you do write, if that ‘s what you want (if I recall it correctly). My best wishes are with you. I hope you are well. Yours, Sovely

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Jokerswild

      Comments are only complimented by the post, and it’s you that set the magic for the applauding comment😊. Your comments are lovely as well and I can’t thank you enough.🌹. A million thanks for the wishes and I send you mines in return, stay safe and keep smiling.😊

      Liked by 1 person

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