Happy Sunday Cookies

Home made summer cookies with a lot of love. Happy Sunday everyone! || Hausgemachte Sommerkekse mit viel Liebe. Frohen Sonntag!

Heart Navigation

My heart is burning. It is giving me light and helps me finding my way. I’m a “Herzmensch”, meaning I am strongly influenced by my heart. It took me a while to accept this fact. Back in the days I often felt torn. I realized that my brain and heart were fighting. It was difficult…

Wish List “New World”

…until today I had to learn that we may not take our freedom, wealth and choice for granted. I understood we need to do something more for it, in order to secure a peaceful life on this planet.


Sill Lifes || Stillleben I love still lifes. Snapshot. Capturing the brief moment of transience. Stopping time. Now. Here. Still lifes. Magic enchanting my eyes and captivates me. I’m letting myself fall. Trap by time. I am a traveler looking for my happiness. Just now I found it – sssssssh. There it is. Still lifes….

The Beautiful Taste of Life

Enjoying the beautiful taste of life, as only who is able to enjoy, really is alive. || Den verführerischen Geschmack des Lebens genießen, denn nur wer geniesst, der lebt.

Spicing up Life

I very much enjoy the aroma of various plants hanging in the air, this sweet smell of summer and of being alive…

Choosing Quality

“What ever I decide to buy, I wanna feel good about it. I wanna enjoy and cherish it. It simply should not be a cheap thing that is not worth to be bought.”

Ahoi Hamburg! ||Elbjazz Festival

“Es bleibt Hamburg, diese großartige Synthese einer Stadt aus Atlantic und Alster, aus Buddenbrooks und Bebel, aus Leben und Lebenlassen. Ich liebe diese Stadt mit ihren kaum verhüllten Anglizismen in Form und Gebärden, mit ihrem zeremoniellen Traditionsstolz, ihrem kaufmännischen Pragmatismus und ihrer zugleich liebenswerten Provinzialität.” || Helmut Schmidt