I recognized a close soul
And I was deeply touched
By the simple presence
I found true peace within myself

Back to the future

We learn by living our life. Good and bad things happen to us. Challenges appear. Sometimes we loose. Sometimes we win. It is our daily choice…

Angels || Inner Guidance

Interesting. When observing a situation, our mind instinctively wants to capture and understand what’s going on, silently asking what it means to us. We don’t need to be aware of it, but we can be certain we already got an imprint. Our intellect will evaluate it for us. Automatically we will know if it is…

I’m no machine || I cherish life

“…we have to realize it’s our body, that needs to be in good shape to get us wherever we want to go.”
(Deutsche Version ist angehängt)


For so long you have been searching Restless, to find an answer to a non existing question At some crucial point on your way You’ve heard that nothing is for real So what are you looking for? Still you are walking around, headless and confused You are looking for peace of mind While asking yourself…