Another Version Of One

Another Version
Of Myself
Of You & Me
Are One

the cover is left
an empty house
lots of room
gave away the heart
gave away the soul
totally selfless
gave away everything
and more than that
creating space
huge light rooms
the sun falls in
enlightening inside
sparkles and glitter
are dancing in the light
gained so much more
some might understand
we left a proud monument
the windows are open
a fresh breeze
it all comes and goes
it’s there, it’s gone
it’s all one
big energy source
like a black hole
sucking it all in
to move beyond all that
it’s all in motion
and total devotion
a past memory
like a tattoo on skin
it may fade
but always existing
moving on
to another life
being in the flow
like a river
taking it’s way
creating wonderful landscapes
a road map to be traced
a clear handwriting
clear signs and hints
about past, present and future
it is meant to be
to mingle into one big ocean
orchestered by
whomever got lost
on the way
thanks for your support
for helping to become
a stronger version of myself

|| …and gone with the wind. Written on Sept. 2nd, 2019 and pouring it all in. Sincerely, Sovely


    1. MichelleMarie

      Wow, you are doing so well with English. I would never know this. My Pa spoke German. We are Finnish from Finland but I’m 4th generation American. I’m so thankful you are here! I plan to catch up on your blog this weekend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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