Sill Lifes || Stillleben

I love still lifes. Snapshot. Capturing the brief moment of transience. Stopping time. Now. Here. Still lifes. Magic enchanting my eyes and captivates me. I’m letting myself fall. Trap by time. I am a traveler looking for my happiness. Just now I found it – sssssssh. There it is. Still lifes.

Ich liebe Stillleben. Momentaufnahme. Den einen kurzen Augenblick der Vergänglichkeit festhalten. Zeit Anhalten. Jetzt. Hier. Stillleben. Die Magie, die mein Auge verzaubert und mich in ihren Bann nimmt. Ich lasse mich fallen. Falle durch die Zeit. Ich bin ein Reisender auf der Suche nach meinem Glück. Jetzt gerade habe ich es gefunden – sssssssh. Da ist es. Stillleben.


  1. IanC555

    Oh! This is very inspiring! I’m a photography enthusiast. I don’t often do still life photography, but you are right…life in stillness is very magical! The images are stunning, and I am particularly drawn to the marbles and they placed…and the colors and textures around them; the patterns that are allowed be be still with them. It’s very very beautiful!

    The images of that are taken directly from nature do show a true marvel that nature produces; of which we may bear witness to every day no matter where we are. But in these still photos, there is focus also upon a feeling sense that can linger, where as “Out in Nature,” there are so many feelings that come and go as so much pass before us. In these stills, each on invokes particular feelings to linger…and to ponder more deeply.

    I am so glad I saw this! It is so gorgeous, and so is what you wrote which…ist Wunderbar und such sehr WunderShön. Danke!

    Haben Sie Eine fantastische Tag! Heute haben wir Einen Geburtstag für unserem Land. Wir send haben einen fantastische Fest.


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    1. Sovely Matters

      You are right – it’s fourth of July! I gotta call my family overseas…

      I hope you do have a wonderful fourth of July, Ian.

      I am very flattered due to your words, thank you so much. I enjoyed sharing thoughts and emotions with you and am glad to have met you out here. Take good care and size the day!

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