Love Truly

I once lost the love of my life. 

Some might call me wounded, scared or broken. To some I am lucky, because I found true love. Sometimes we might feel love is overrated. Maybe we lost the feeling, maybe we lost faith in it. We all have our experiences and stories to tell. 

Love, a feeling we can not attach to. It can’t be locked away in a birdcage. Love needs it’s space and freedom to grow and to develop. Love simply is. Energy source on it’s highest level.

Love – is the biggest love of mine, my personal love story, my motor and motivation. I am rich as I have once loved. I call myself lucky for letting go, understanding that it was not the right time and place anymore. One of the biggest challenges in life. I was heartbroken, tortured and scared. 

A heart is a unique muscle. It continually grows stronger. You need to be brave to give your all and to share pure love. Love, the greatest gift that always will remain with you in various different ways. It’s who you are.

And hell no, I am not frustrated. I feel blessed and thankful, as I really have loved and been loved.  And I will always welcome love in my life again – I know you are our there, love.

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