Puzzle of Life

Puzzle of Life “My little world is limited. Small. Tiny. If you join me – we’ll grow. Become stronger. Bigger.” || MurmelMeister

Back to the future

We learn by living our life. Good and bad things happen to us. Challenges appear. Sometimes we loose. Sometimes we win. It is our daily choice…

I’m no machine || I cherish life

“…we have to realize it’s our body, that needs to be in good shape to get us wherever we want to go.”
(Deutsche Version ist angehängt)

Small Pieces of Happiness

Life is colorful and I have my own personal celebration today. And you gotta join me on this! *3 month of work and MurmelMeister climbed up to the first page and third position on google search. Yes! *Searching for MurmelMeister photos on google, I was very proud seeing my photos soaking in everywhere. Yes! *The…

Zeitmanagement und das wahre Leben

Ich spüre regelmäßig, dass die Zeit meist mehr mein Feind ist. Mein Körper ist nicht unsterblich. Meine Uhr tickt. Der Countdown läuft. Zeitbombe.