School Of Life || Schule Des Lebens

Being Sovely Matters & Anyone Else

|| Impressions by Sovely Matters

|| English & deutschsprachige Version

|| 8 pages || 8 Seiten ||

Everything has it‘s on timing. It will happen at exactly the right time and place. There is no way to force it. No possibility to cheat. There is a lesson to be learned. Once it’s done – it will fall into place and we’ll be able to move on to the next level. I trust we have various levels to reach. We have the ability to evolve lifetime after lifetime. I do believe in rebirth. I feel it is all about choosing and going our way to reach our personal goal. Every life has a purpose. We are here to evolve. Life is rich. With all it‘s challenges, we sure face ups and downs.

” Living is about this. It’s not new. It’s no secret. It is about the right mind set and understanding. It will reveal itself whenever the time is right.”

Sovely Matters

There are many books to be read about this. It’s what we all are experiencing in our own personal way. That’s why we find numerous written words about it. Some see it more clearly than others. Sometimes things seem to be familiar as we are getting closer to our aims. It is a long road behind us and a long one ahead. Of course the feeling of similarity has a reason. Sure we might meet people twice and there sure are strong connections, brought together by life. Different abilities and gifts, different levels, different challenges and so much more.

“Life is a complex knot, that needs to be untied by each one of us.”

Sovely Matters

It’s about learning and experiencing life. Pure and honest. Being in the present moment. Cherishing it. Enjoying it. I love the phrase that only who is in the present moment and is able to enjoy it, really is living. This makes totally sense. It is about actually living, while we are in motion.

It is about consciousness: “Being“… is such a rich word, if it is understood correctly. Further we need to understand that it is not the theory only. The understanding of a concept or a lesson is not enough. It needs to be experienced by ourselves, in order to move on. That is why only reading is no answer.

“We need to fill theory with life.”

Sovely Matters

Experience. Our life time. Our impressions. Our emotions. Our rewards. Our patience to follow our goals. We have it all inside ourselves though maybe we are not aware of it yet. It’s all within us.


  1. silkezukunft

    Was für ein gehaltvoller, ehrlicher, wissender und wohlwollender Blick auf dich und das Leben. Das Wichtigste hast du längst geschafft, selbst in Krisen findest du deine Neugierde wieder und findest den Findling auf dem Dankbarkeit steht in einem Meer aus Steinen, dass da manchmal auf dich zutreibt! Warte auf Flut, dann geht’s wieder leichter und wenn du so dahintreibst bleib bei dir, agiere auf den Wellen, auf denen du surfen kannst und versuche nicht in einem Wellental auf etwas zu reagieren. Zuviele Reibungsverlust oder zuviel Schokolode ;). ..Du kennst deine Ablenkungs- und Schnellenergieauftankmanöver besser 🙂 Toll auch, dass du auf englisch schreibst, ich finde die englische Sprache in Achtsamkeitsdingen so viel schöner! DANKE für den Blog. LLL Silke

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sovely Matters

      Liebe Silke, ich danke Dir sehr für Deine herzlichen Worte. Über die habe ich mich heute besonders gefreut, und ich kann es nur an Dich zurück geben: wunderschön hast Du geschrieben. Ich mag das Bild, das Du mir mit auf den Weg gegeben hast. Das ist ein schönes Beispiel – eine Wellenreiterin 🙂 Alles Liebe und auf bald! Sovely


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