I heard your voice and slowly I understood
Something within me broke
It happened last time we spoke

Repeatedly we died
Reborn to become real strong
I cherish the past and though it is gone

It still is a part of me, it’s who I am
I understand you push it all away – even me
I won’t give in though, I’m taking on the fee

With many things you’ve said I agree
I disagree with the most profound though
Our magic, the place, the timing, everything we shared
It’s rare and unique, I’m making a deep bow

I still believe in these special circumstances
And the power of love
It is all a part of me
So I always prepared myself to whatever will come
I’m a soldier of light, all life long

Today you believe love is overrated
I hear your voice clearly
You always have been with me
Now I gotta learn
We’re not speaking the same language anymore
So I sacrifice all
I cherish, I have once felt and shared real love with you


  1. Christine F. Behrens

    Ein Empfinden in Worte gekleidet, ein Miteinander in Bildern gespiegelt und ungemein klar. Traurigkeit, die erkennt und wertschätzt, verwandelt sich in etwas Neues.
    Ich lese deine Worte und bin begeistert von der Umsetzung, du wirst es aber aus deinem Empfinden heraus geschrieben haben … ich wünsche Dir viel Kraft! Ich danke dir fürs Teilen! Lg Christine

    Liked by 1 person

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