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We can find a story in anything if we pay attention.

Three pictures, three stories? Three parts of one story? Or how to create one big story? What do you see in the pictures? How do they make you feel?

Please let me know what you think about it! Are you joining us here?!

You are very welcome to leave a comment, even further, please feel free to use this post for one of your own blog posts and insert your link here. I am very keen of reading your ideas on my bookmark.

What do you see? || Was siehst du?

Überall können wir eine Geschichte finden, sofern wir aufmerksam sind.

Drei Bilder, drei Geschichten? Drei Teile einer Geschichte? Oder wie erschafft man eine große Geschichte? Was siehst du auf den Bildern? Wie fühlst du dich bei dem Anblick der Fotos?

Bitte lass’ mich wissen, was du denkst! Bist du dabei?!

Du darfst uns gern einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Sei ebenso eingeladen diesen Beitrag auch für deinen eigenen Blog-Beitrag zu verwenden und hier deinen Link einzufügen. Ich bin sehr daran interessiert, deine Ideen zu meinem Lesezeichen zu erfahren.


  1. IanC555

    He took the keys left there where they always are. They are always left hanging on the wall in the exact same place, and they are put there when coming home, and they are taken when leaving.

    Today they are taken down on the way out and away from home. One key to lock up before turning away. There is a particular wild trail not far down the road. It is a beautiful and shaded trail with deep set slopes that are cool and make for silences.

    All the path there is so much beauty in solitude, but further on…further and further on, the foot path end at the edge of the city limits; on the outskirts where there is set up a tower of many beams. It is riveting to see; ominous in its scope. It is something to behold before the return through the locked door to where home is. It’s back from where I came through. It is back along That gorgeous trek. By end of tracing well worn foot steps, I have the keys to return to my home.

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