Die Sehnsucht ruft, um der Magie wieder den Einzug in mein Leben zu ermöglichen. Im Alltag hat man oft das Gefühl, dass man ihn vergebens sucht, den magischen Moment, und dennoch ist es das schönste Geschenk, wenn man ihm begegnet. Das glückliche Auflachen des Herzens. Die Augen strahlen. Die Weltenseele dehnt sich aus und schafft…


With my eyes and your story?!
You’re more than welcome to join me here!

Spellbound || Verzaubert

Spellbound. Verzaubert. Mystic. Maybe a little bit bewitched. I’d like to take you on a little journey. Take you to a special atmosphere. Imagine the first snow of the year. Imagine the sun kissing the earth good night. Have some glitter on your mind, sparkles, falling stars, fairies and so much more. Let’s travel throughout…

Blank Pages || Leere Seiten

Photos are silent witnesses. Words are the loud ones. Filled books. Right here, right now. My pages are blank, waiting to be filled with life again.

Magic Places

A magic place can be anywhere and everything. Simple like that. It’s all about the right moment. Right time. Right place. And magic is in the air. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes if you are lucky, everything is right. It all correspondence well. One shot. And the moment lasts. A photograph…