||Play On

“If music be the food of love, play on.”William Shakespeare 

“Wenn Musik die Liebe nährt, dann erklinge.”

Wondering what it is, that makes us feel strong and at peace for the moment… 

To me, it is music that strengthens my heart and soul. It is creativity and the need to learn and grow, that keeps me going. Challenges please my spirit. My beloved ones and soulmates comfort my longing heart. Enjoying good food, cherishing life with all my senses, and devot myself to the magic of the moment. 

It’s Mother Earth too, that keeps me grounded and charges my batteries. Love and sex are of need to please body and soul as well.

I love the simplicity of the current moment. Believe in the magic and positive energy within me to make me shine brightly. Like sunshine reggae. I am right here. Singing my melody. I live my life. All this puts a smile on my face.

It’s wonderful to cherish being at peace with yourself and with your life. || Play on!


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