Choose Your Colors

I know, often I talk about following my path and going my way, step by step. Maybe this is a self-understanding to some. Maybe we sometimes need to remind ourselves. And I know this might be irritating to those, who feel lost. I am lost too, at times. I question my path, wonder if I’m still on my way. There are times I feel like walking in circles. Sometimes I even feel like I took the wrong turn or missed an exit. And sometimes, it’s natural to climb the highest mountain. I don’t dare to take life for granted.

We all know this feeling of devastation, when we’re trying hard to get back on track. At times it’s exactly this disturbing feeling of loosing it, that you need to get back together again. You may see it as your warning or reminder to keep going. Life can be pretty challenging. Life can be rude. It’s not all, just nice. Life holds many different colors and shades, mingling structures and figures. Life combines obstacles and it is your choice to live with it. Choose your colors!

After all, you are still on your way. Be certain life is always keeping you going. As long as you live, you are following your path. Life will remind you. Even if you don’t understand. It will repeat it’s challenges until the lesson is learned and it’s time to move on again.

Be open for life, embrace it and enjoy living. Shine in your own colors and full with pride and love for yourself! It’s all within yourself, it’s your motor that keeps you going.

…you may choose your colors. So what are yours?

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