Last Call “Creativity” || Letzter Aufruf “Kreativität”

Last Call “Creativity” Letzter Aufruf “Kreativität” Creativity and our gift to the world! Please feel free and share your thoughts with us on this topic and have us introduced to your blog. “Creativity is a great adventure playground.” MurmelMeister Kreativität und unsere Begabung und Geschenk an die Welt! Bitte sei frei und teile deine Gedanken…

Lessons in life || Minime

Since I have a Minime by my side and am watching him growing, I do question, who is teaching whom… It turned out, Minime is the perfect teacher for me. And I try to give him as many tools, to live a satisfying and good life. And yes, the both of us are learning. Meeting…

Music || Quote

Words that travel through centuries:
“Music is a moral law. ” (Plato)
It is more than just timeless. Let’s go on a short trip through time and place…

|| Quote

“Life is the most wonderful fairytale.” Hans Christian Andersen