Warrior Of Love

I am a Warrior Of Love

Why do we often feel like we need to hold on to something? Why is it so hard to let go? When you discover love, why do we attempt to keep it to ourselves? Why do we save treasures in a shelter instead of setting it free? Free to move on, free to choose and free to develop.

We know nothing is for good. We all wanna be free and have the opportunity to grow. Especially if it comes to love.

Have you ever really loved?

Have you discovered a love so pure, profound and deep that you could hardly breath? You felt it with all your senses. It became a part of you, and still you had to learn that you can not hold on to it?! It changes. Love changes. People change. Let go! Love still surrounds you, it always does. It grows, it matures… Pure love never can be selfish. It’s meant to be shared. It’s meant to be free. It will always be different from what it used to be. It grows and develops.

I am blessed, as I felt love. I have loved and was loved. I found the love of my life repeatedly. And I had to let go. I always was aware of it. I had the most happiest days in my life and at the same time discovered the biggest struggle. I always except both, as this is what life bares. I learned so much about love and myself and still I know little. Anyhow, I feel the urge of sharing my thoughts, experiences and love with you. I understood this is my biggest gift and contribution to the world: to love!

It doesn’t make me an expert, I am not. How can you be an expert on love!? I am single. I made mistakes. I let go love. I lost so much and gained little. Still I’m on my way. I felt love. I got hurt many times. I’m broken. I became a phoenix, a warrior of love. I always convince myself to love, like there is no yesterday and no tomorrow. Love needs to be in the present moment. No judgment. Pure love. There is no bigger gift in this world. Love is timeless. It’s not bound to time or place, it simply is!

It can be tricky at times. You need to understand for love, it has to be the right time, place and circumstances… so many things that needs to fall into place. Still love is fragile. Sometimes it is limited, sometimes you need to let go and move on. Don’t tie yourself down to any expectation. Be open for true love. Let it happen!

There are numerous love stories, books, movies, poems, love letters and so much more. Love has always been there through the decades. We always shared it. It is a never failing hope and source. It is a very strong and powerful energy. Love develops, it grows – and if we are honest, we change too. We can not hold on to our construct of love. We always have to be tentative, question and feel – as we are all in a flow and if you truly love, you except freedom as well.

There is nothing that hasn’t been written about love, still it is touching and never looses it’s magic. Love is sparkling, surprising, wonderful…. it is everywhere and so much more. Love is fascinating.

Love is my personal challenge, my duty and gift – it is my personal way. Half of my life is a past memory to finally bring me to the point of writing a book about love.

Love truly and pure.
Yours MurmelMeister,

Sovely Matters

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