Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Lovely Queri of was as kind to nominate me for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award.

I feel very honored, receiving an additional award nomination for blogging. Each and every nomination is special to me. Queri, thank you so much for seeing MurmelMeister and for nominating me. By reading your blog, I got the impression you’re a thoughtful person, full of emotions and words, finding it’s way to be expressed. I’m happy my words and photos found it’s way to reach you.

Ideal inspiration blogger award is a non official Award to the bloggers as wonderful work on their blog. These awards can help motivate and encourage bloggers.


• Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.

• Answer their questions.

• Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.

• Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog.

• List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

• Provide the link to the Award creator, like/.

Queri asked me:

What have you learned about yourself in this present time?

I am in the process of learning a big lessons, one part of it is:

This world is full of contradictions, one thing is not existing without the other. I’ve always been a very strong personality, at the same time I’m sensitive, emotional, passionate… I currently am learning to accept being weak as well. I understood we’re human beings and have our lessons to learn. We need to do it our own personal way. We have to accept that every human is caught in this process. Some are way ahead, some might be behind or similar. Therefore we have to accept we all are doing mistakes. We should be respectful, patient, understanding…

I know anything has it’s own timing. It is an ongoing process, always being in motion.

And most precious: I discovered, I’m living a blessed and rich life!

What do you do to unwind/destress/relax?

That’s usually right after work. I put on loud music in my car. When I’m back home, I realize that having this place where I feel save, where I can be creative and so much more – a place like that is very helpful to unwind. I cherish powerful places.

I currently am into crafts, such as drawing on different materials like rocks, wood and so much more. That helps to stop thinking too much. Further I love gardening and being outside. It feels good to breath. Meditation and taking time to cook – all that is part of my every day life, after a busy day at work.

What is your favorite staycation destination?

I’m really enjoying to be at home. I have a small place, but every corner is of use and has it’s reason. The heart of my home is a huge kitchen table. I often sit there, alone to read, write, paint or with the family and friends, preparing food together, eating, doing board games and so much more. I love it. Further to this, I love my garden, too. Trees to climb on and to protect from too much sun, my herbs and all those different corners. It’s an area that is used by Minime and myself. Therefor it holds various options and themes. I enjoy being creative, inside the house and outside as well.

It’s great to have a place where you really feel at home, that fills up your batteries. A place where you’re creative and lots more. This makes me feel at peace. It’s a perfect foundation. Of course I learned, that being comfortable and at peace is not the right ground to grow extraordinary flowers. It takes to leave the comfort zone, facing challenges, seeing and learning new things to grow and make it special. So, having a decent foundation for this is good. That inspires me to grow.

Who is your favorite artist or what is your favorite artwork?

I was always into music. Working in the music business myself, I remember, I rarely called myself a fan of anyone. Therefore, to me only a few artists are outstanding:

Tupac’s poetry

Beastie Boys and especially Adam Yauch

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

Further I admire H.R. Giger (the creator of the Alien). I love the output of his “insanity”, an unique and interesting personality. His art is fascinating. It’s giving the darkness a form or pattern, often making it real scary. He knows how to provoke strong emotions. His art also can be very seductive and full of lust.

What would you say is your best quality/characteristic/ability/talent?

It’s my huge energy source and presence that always is finding it’s way to express itself. It is the curiosity and drive to go beyond my border and to grow. My ability to suffer on a high level in order gain my strength from that. Like a phoenix, I’m driven to always shine more beautiful and become stronger. I enjoy life to the fullest and am cherishing it. I see beauty and am not scared of darkness.

My questions_

  1. Please name 1-3 blog posts of yours, that weren’t cherished enough as of yet.
  2. What’s your inspiration?
  3. Imagine returning to school, which classes would you take and why?
  4. Do you think you are connected with this world and what does it mean to you exactly?
  5. What is real beauty to you? And if you like please express through a couple of photos.

My nominees_

I enjoy the positive outlook on life that is having. Interesting topics, powerful words and a great choice of photos to go along with it.

Ink of the heart writes powerful and full of emotions. I relate to her words and am touched by them.

Tony Fine’s blog “on things he learned and needs to pass on” is holding a great potential, I like this energy source – it touches me and makes me think.

Eva of has an eye to see beauty and she sure has the ability to catch realy beauty in her photos. I totally love her view on life!

Once again, thanks to all of you for being part in this wonderful world of blogging.

|| Yours, Sovely


  1. QueridaJ

    Sovely, that was such a delight to read. I admire and appreciate just how much thought and consideration you have put into your responses. I truly am touched by your kindness. Thank you for sharing this with me. You definitely deserve this award!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dixitmrityunjay

    Wow! Amazing answers. It was very good to know you! I’ve been a Linkin Park fan for almost 10 years now (since I was in class 5th) and just wanna say that I loved how you included Chester in your favorite artists, he is my inspiration too 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sovely Matters

      Chester sure was an outstanding personality. I was fortunate to meet him before he became famous over here and I remember that he had such a wonderful presence. Once he entered a room, it became lighter in there. He was one of the kind.

      Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot. All the best to you. 🙂 Sovely

      Liked by 2 people

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