Bookmarked #3

The middle of the week reminds me in the unique word “bookmarked”. Knowing there is a story behind anything… Something that is worth to be heard. In the following you’ll find a couple of interesting photos and I’m curious what pops into your mind when you see it. Please share your thoughts.

Die Wochenmitte erinnert mich an das einzigartige Wort “bookmarked”. Zu wissen, dass hinter allem eine Geschichte steckt … Etwas, das es wert ist, gehört zu werden. Im Folgenden findest du ein paar interessante Fotos, und ich bin gespannt, was dir einfällt, wenn du sie siehst. Bitte teilen deine Gedanken.

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  1. Child Of God says:

    1 man going to work leaving someone on the gravel
    2 lovers that want to spice up their love life 3 I have to look

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  2. Child Of God says:

    Sorry wrong pic order 1 and 3 and my favored is my parent going for a walk looking at boats. Memory of another era

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, I really appreciate that and am happy you did. The third one is my favorite as well. I somehow liked that whole setting.


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