…What It Feels Like To Find That One Love ||blog parade follow up

A while ago I created the blog parade What It Feels Like To Find That One Love.

If you haven’t come across it as of yet, please get in the loop here…

Some very touching posts have reached me in between,
that I’d love to share with you


wrote about experiencing self love (written in German language). Something fundamentally, if you want to discover sincere, pure love and you want to be able to give nothing but love.

“Der Moment, wenn du an nichts denkst und einfach im Hier und Jetzt bist, spürst du dich selber und deine Selbstliebe zu dir wächst. Du bist einfach mit dir alleine glücklich ohne irgendwas im Außen zu suchen.”

|| Ganzwunderbar

Translation: “The moment when you think of nothing. You are in the present moment, here and now. You feel yourself and your self-love grows towards you. You’re happy with yourself alone without looking for anything on the outside.”

|| Ganzwunderbar

If you can, please read the following, as it will be good for your inner-life: www.ganzwunderbar.com/selbstliebe-lernen-durch-meditation

I personally loved kicking it off with self-love, as I totally agree that we often don’t seem to have this love for ourselves and seem to look for it on the outside. Some of us may have discovered that it doesn’t work properly for love to unfolding itself, if self-love is missing. Love is like a flower. It needs a lot of attention and other ingredients such as water, light and so much more to bloom. We got everything inside ourselves, but we need to find a way of getting in contact with our inner-life again. As said before, when we bloom and use all of our power to do so, love will find us and give us unconditional love back.


made a contribution. It’s written in German and English. I love the way it is done by Sunnybee. It is a lot of fun to read. Actually reading it makes me smile big times, as I immediately had the feeling of “been there, done that”. It reminded me in my own youth. It is well written, giving various examples and describing what is learned by those experiences:

“I went through deep sorrow and great joy. I opened up to something. I noticed that falling in love isn’t the same as loving and that you ask for the other’s well-being when you really are in love.” || Sunnybee

Please read more on how Sunnybee experienced love…

Red Rider of My Ramblings

shared some very personal thoughts with us. If you happen to swiftly read some of the posts on My Ramblings, you will find a lot of love within all those words. Therefore I am very happy Red Rider wrote something especially for us, sharing his one love with us. I especially loved the expression:

“I Love You!” Within this phrase it has everything we will ever need! “I” and “You” and “Love” in between. || My Ramblings

Please read more yourself: www.rjs.social/2019/07/21/the-one-true-love/

Ian of Pedestrian Prophet

shared some “Love in Spirit” with us, which put a big smile on my face. Through blogging we got in touch and it is always a very positive and touching exchange. Ian is a great personality, always sharing so much love and having something interesting to say. I’m glad for his contribution:



added some words:

One Love is unconditional. Unconditional is under all circumstances. Here there is no this or that. Here Love is full as can be because it is everything- a complete acceptance with no qualifications for anyone or anything. Love is everything first i.e. The Source with no beginning or end. We Are Love Loving Love Now. There are even more interesting thoughts on love and life on his blog, I’m always curious to visit for the pictures and words.

Dresden Mutti

gave us an insight (German and English language) on how she met the love of her life. Finding young love and finally having a family. On the one side maybe being a bit unconventional or freaky, on the other side being true lovers, simply being on their way.

“We both play the game of life according to different rules, I think sometimes. But I think we win anyway.”

|| Dresden Mutti

I enjoyed reading about this love a lot, very sweet and touching: www.dresdenmutti.com/2019/07/15/66-years-of-love/

Amazing Facts On History

SirKevinsHistoricalfacts left a short message with us too:

“To find love is all we humans ever want and few ever find it. Then we have hope and that is what it is for. I found God and love him deeply and not in fear of saying so. I write because I have to, most of us do just that. Keep blogging and find that love you deserve.”

|| Amazing Facts On History


left a comment, describing a very intense moment in time:

A faint glow of orange and red fills the bedroom. The scent of peppermint candy fills my soul. Her warm body melts next to mine as I run my fingers through her hair. I gaze at our reflection in the ceiling mirror, like a photograph frozen in time. The world fades away and nothing else matters. I whisper a prayer because I know it will end.”

|| ABE


I personally poured my heart out as well: www.murmelmeister.com/2019/07/14/dedicated-to-love/

From the bottom of my heart I gotta thank you all for

reading, liking, commenting and sharing this blog parade on love.

Thank you!

We sure did spread a lot of love. I felt so much wonderful energy.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

One Love. Yours, Sovely


  1. IanC555

    Now…there ya go again…Inspirin’ love! You are a master, M’dear, and you lead the way in our parade; your love never delayed nor stayed from your heart but let out into the world and other hearts you do aid by you lead the love parade.

    Peace M’dear…and love, naturally.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunnybee

    Liebe Sovely, danke DIR für deine schöne Blogparade! Das Schreiben – auf Deutsch und Englisch – hat mir großen Spaß gemacht… and going back to memories of my youth felt both touching and exciting. Lots of love, Sunnybee 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sovely Matters

      Den Urlaubsmodus erhalte Dir auch bitte unbedingt so lange wie möglich. Der Alltag kommt von ganz alleine. Mir hat die Blogparade ebenso viel Spaß gemacht, und ich freue mich, dass Du dabei warst. Alles Liebe, Sovely

      Liked by 1 person

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