Lion Family

Lion Family

Today I walked by this beautiful entrance of a pharmacy. I immediately loved it and wondered, why they called their store after the King of animals…
It is the beginning of August: the wonderful and rich month of summer. Full of energy, love and sunshine and all that to put the King of the animals into perfect light: the Lion.

I am part of the Lion Family and I enjoy being surrounded by family. This one goes out to all of you celebrating their special day and/or whomever finds the healing power within yourself. Be strong, accept your weakness, grow even stronger, live and simply be yourself! One love. Yours, Sovely

* please stay tuned for a short story at the end of this blog.

Löwen Familie

Heute bin ich an diesem schönen Eingang einer Apotheke vorbeigegangen. Ich habe ihn sofort geliebt und mich gefragt, warum der Laden nach dem König der Tiere benannt wurde…
Es ist Anfang August: der wunderbare und reiche Sommermonat. Voller Energie, Liebe und Sonnenschein und all das, um den König der Tiere ins perfekte Licht zu rücken: den Löwen.

Ich bin ein Teil der Löwenfamilie, und ich genieße, von meiner Familie umgeben zu sein. Dieses geht an alle, die sich und ihren besonderen Tag feiern und/oder die Heilkraft in sich selbst finden. Sei stark, akzeptiere deine Schwäche, werde noch stärker, lebe und sei einfach du selbst! Eine Liebe. Deine, Sovely


A few years ago I wrote a short story about the wild Lion that I tried to tame. I somehow feel I gotta share it with you…

The Lion Family

I see you, I really see you… and I am seeing myself.

A big lion, proud, wild, beautiful, with the sun burning inside the heart…

The whole appearance is very convincing and strong, while remaining sensitive inside.

I also see a restless lion, walking around in a big circle, trapped in a cave, your own cave.

The lion is reaching out, grabbing it all, breathing in heavily, taking every chance to only get the feeling of being alive, moving on, walking on and on (in circles).

I see a trapped lion and I make a step closer, as this lion feels so familiar. I see myself in him and I’m not scared anymore – so I’m reaching out my hand, trying to touch the untamed lion. We met before. With your brown eyes wide open you are watching me, recognizing that little blond and blue eyed girl. You are me and I am you. People who are seeing us together might be surprised as they see this little happy girl with the flower in her hair hugging a scary impressive lion like a big teddybear.

As we first spoke, you roared loudly that you want it all in life and you somehow made a hero out of me, as I saw you and was myself! My voice calmed you down and I heard you purr like my little cat. Whenever we are together “your circle” disappears and we enjoy the moment of being together, being very close and emotional.

I have a lion’s heart beating in my chest and keeping me going… that made me your hero.

But you know – I am a hero just like you. I don’t need the centre of attention. Because of you I learned so much about myself as well: seeing myself with your eyes and loving myself the way you love me. I understood that I can be a proud lion lady, shining and sparkling in my own special way and at the proud lion’s side.

In my dreams, in a distant land and time, the lion will leave his chains and cave behind, taking advantage of the key he found within himself… freeing him and really being born. Out there, we hopefully will meet again and we will move on together, taking the challenges of life…


    1. ABE

      Even lions must walk the path alone. Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. The little girl and the lion are one and the same. Like a twin flame recognizing itself through others. She is reminded that her path is hers alone to take. She is reminded to not look outward for validation or worth. She is reminded that the worst thing in life is not to end up alone. No. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel alone.

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    2. Sovely Matters

      Thanks for your beautiful wise words. I totally agree with that and you know – the little girl in that story is strong. She knows all that and took her choices no matter what. Sent with a smile. Sovely


  1. Red Skies Over Paradise

    » … Tritt in den Kreis und mach wahr was du weißt
    Und die Erkenntnis bringt die Kraft mit der du dich befreist
    Und dabei frei von Angst ganz gelöst
    Erlöst was in dir döst
    Denn dann wachst du auf … «
    – Thomas D.

    Krieger des Lichts.

    Möge die Stärke mit dir sein!

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