2nd Nomination 4: Liebster Award

I feel very honored being nominated for the Liebster Award the second time!!!

Thank you so much to Mr. Holliman for the nomination. I really appreciate it a lot. And congratulations to you as well, on being nominated. Unfortunately, according to the official rules of Liebster Award, you only can participate once though, which I already did…

For more information please check out the currrent website: Liebster Award 2019

Still, I certainly am pleased to answer the questions given to me by Mr. Holliman:

Where are you from? I’m a nothern light, born and raised in Germany.

Do you like rollercoaster? I sure do. I like the unexpecting ups and downs of life. And I just love the extremes!

What was your very first car? Haha, I named it Daniel Düsentrieb. And it was blue.

What was your first job? A wild one: working for a concert agency, doing a lot of Rock’N’Roll. It was in my early Twenties and I loved that crazy life style, no sex and drugs for me though, being one of the rare women in the buisness back then.

Do you prefer dogs or cats? I’m a dog’s person.

What is your #1 goal to complete? Having Minime growing up and learning from him.

What act of kindness have you done? Being attentative, being there, offering help, spreading love – on a daily basis.

What would you do if you won a million dollars? Honestly, I don’t think about these things. I guess my life won’t change that much.

How much do you love God? Well, I don’t look for God on the outside. To me it is part of a huge energy source and we all are connencted and part of it in a way, so yes, I cherish that energy a lot.

Do you love to travel? I sure do, give me some extra time and a free ticket and off I am.

What is your favorite topic about life? The combination of Heart & Soul.

Thank you for hanging in with me. This Award sure is work if you take it serious. I do as I feel honored and this is what I wanna share, appreciation.

…written with lots of love. Yours, Sovely


    1. Sovely Matters

      oh wow, now I feel overwhelmed… in a good way. Thank you so much Beth! That is very sweet of you and I sure do appreciate it. I will look into it and congrats to you as well!!
      I love your clean designed webpage, the pure style and the topics of your Blogs, the heart & soul. It’s always very inspiring. Therefor your nomination means a lot to me. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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