Happy Sunday Cookies

It was a grey and very cold day out in Nothern Germany. A Sunday with plenty of quality time for the family. Minime and I decided to bake fresh cookies for the afternoon. We added a lot of fresh tiny pieces of lemon zest and figured something out, that our cookies are great for kids and still fit into summer time… Home made summer cookies with a lot of love. Happy Sunday everyone!

Es war heute ein grauer und kalter Tag im Norden Deutschlands. Ein Sonntag mit kostbarer Familienzeit. Minime und ich beschlossen, frische Kekse für den Nachmittag zu backen. Wir haben eine Menge frischen Zitronenschalen Abrieb hinzugefügt und uns etwas ausgedacht, damit unsere Kekse ideal für Kinder sind und auch in die Sommerzeit passen… Hausgemachte Sommerkekse mit viel Liebe. Frohen Sonntag!


    1. Sovely Matters

      Thanks, yes indeed it was – especially since my 4 year old decided to take a spoon full of flour, took a deep breath and yes, he blew into it… it was snowing in our kitchen during summer time! Since I’m relaxed and know when it is time to have fun, all we did was laughing. Life is beautiful.

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  1. IanC555

    These cookies are like art! Did you actually paint the colors on the cookies? I thought to reply in German, but of the German words for Church, cake and cookies, I can’t remember the spelling, but I seem to remember they sound sort of the same. I’m having a lazy Sunday, but I will comment on the beautiful…and the joy that brings to your family!

    Love your art!!

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