Confusing thoughts
Emotions gone wild
Screaming silence
And suddenly
It all stopped for
A short period of time
I recognized a close soul
And I was deeply touched
By the simple presence
I found true peace within myself
Your words marched
Right into an open door
Leaving a lasting essence
For the first time
Complete clarity
Having faith in karma
Realizing what ever happens, happens
It takes a very special personality
To touch me that deeply
Your words reached me
In a very special way
Based on an old karmic connection
I believe you are my spiritual guide
Lasting experiences and
Giving me light
So intimate and confusing
With total devotion and faith
Respect and gratitude
I experience good karma
Full consciousness is due
I worship the presence
And I cherish – I recognized you

Chamtrul Rinpoche || GER 2007

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