Angels || Inner Guidance

Interesting. When observing a situation, our mind instinctively wants to capture and understand what’s going on, silently asking what it means to us. We don’t need to be aware of it, but we can be certain we already got an imprint. Our intellect will evaluate it for us. Automatically we will know if it is of importance for that situation we are in. Anything else will be pushed away into a huge, dark and silent area. Be sure, it is kept well there, until it’s needed. At some point we might be in a new situation and our intellect will try to grasp it. That’s when our mind gets busy, digs in the dark on your huge data base. Searching. Comparing. Judging. It all happens and rarely we can comprehend were it’s coming from. Automatically questions are starting to spin in our head and we are doing our thing in order to succeed our lessons in life.

Let’s give it a try and see what your brain tells you, when you soak in the images of my slide show. How do you feel? What do you think?

We do have a have a huge capacity. Our brains are miracles, each with it’s own weakness and strength. Some brains are trained better than others. Some intellects are limited, some people decided to limit themselves.

And beside all these information we carry around, there is this magic within us. I honestly believe, it is with each and anyone of us! Some people managed to make a connection with it, some don’t. Some are receptive for mystic energy, some decide to ignore or postpone it. It might depends where we are at in our life. If we gratefully accept the lessons life is offering us and if we are attentive or if we deny and wipe it away with a blink of an eye.

Have you ever been in a situation that felt like a déjà vu? Have you wondered about your confidence in difficult situation? Have you ever felt the enormous power within yourself and it was ready to be used during a special occasion? Or have you been of luck and some spirit guided and helped you to get through a specific accident?

Life can be challenging.

I always tried to be open and trust in my own ability. It’s important to accept our teachers too and people or circumstances, that are there for guidance.

I have to admit that back in the days, I have been in dangerous situations repeatedly. Often it was me underestimating the circumstances. Even today, I still remember and feel the attendance of another spirit, that helped me along repeatedly. At some point I understood, that I was guided by angels. As a Buddhist, I call it my karma, the science of cause and effect.

It took ages for me to learn to cherish my life and to protect it better. Nowadays memories like that make me smile, smile about my childish behavior, smile how fortunate I’ve been. But even more – I’m grateful. I had my share and my lessons to learn.

Life. It happens. I deal with it. That simple. I feel like being “in control” and decide if I want to take over a challenge, if I pass on it or if I resign. I choose my perspective, the negative or the positive attitude. I understood it is up to me to be attentive.

Remember I mentioned this huge dark area in the back of our mind, as I started this little tour!?

I trust it is filled with so many different impressions and lessons. It’s all the stuff we collect while being on this earth – and beyond that. It’s where and when the magic kicks in. Space for the mystic, the witches, angles, totem animals, empowerment, transcendence, soul connections and lots more.


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