Being A Tree

I love big strong trees. The old ones, that have a long history. I enjoy wondering about the past centuries they have witnessed. I’m impressed by the good they have done just by existing. My favorite trees are old weeping willows and pine trees. I love the strength and pride they show. Sometimes it even feels like they show a certain mood too, just by they way they are reaching out for the sun or bend their branches.

Have you ever asked yourself if you were a tree, what kind of tree would be?! Would you carry fruits, would you be a big and strong one or rather young and fragile? Would your branches dance in the wind? Do you have a lot and big strong roots? Are you loosing leaves in fall? What is your color? What is your purpose? Are you fun, because children can climb on your branches? Do you have a big shadow that comforts people, when it is too hot? …plenty of questions that might help you to see things clear.

Now imagine yourself as a tree! Which one are you? What do you need to grow stronger, become bigger and carry fruits?

Trees are wonderful. They are magic. They can be special places you can turn to, in order to get back to yourself and to connect with a strong energy source!

Trees help me, when I feel like loosing myself on busy every day life. It’s awesome to always be able to return to the simple things in life. Isn’t that a nice thought of becoming one with mother nature again?! Feeling grounded?! Also, if you look deeper into this, I’m positive it will help you to reflect and learn more about yourself. Hopefully you enjoyed this little trip in the woods.

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